UT & Hyde Park

Right in the heart of the city sits Austin’s beloved and world-renowned institution, The University of Texas, and its surrounding neighborhoods, including Hyde Park.

Home to an eclectic palette of residents and business-owners, the UT and Hyde Park areas have become an ideal fusion of youth and age. Quaint, personality-filled homes on beautiful tree-lined streets combined with a funky, college-town vibe add to the undeniable element of charm that is characteristic to Hyde Park. In Hyde Park, it is common to see residents stroll the streets, walking, jogging or biking to one of several relaxed hubs of locally-owned businesses for coffee, groceries or a causal dinner out with friends. With its large concentration of historic properties, as well as its proximity to St. David’s Medical Center, downtown Austin and the entertainment district, the Hyde Park neighborhood is an attractive fit for young professionals, art enthusiasts, faculty and students.